Electric motors are a substantial capital investment for many manufacturers. They also represent some of the highest costs to maintaining a business.

Companies can end up paying as much as ten times in energy costs as they do for the initial cost of the motor. Therefore, a motor’s efficiency is a critical consideration during the repair process.

An effective preventive maintenance program at your facility is one way to reduce production downtime caused by electric motor failure. Motors will eventually break down. Repairs will need to be made.

A motor rewind is common in electrical motor repairs. Form winding over random winding can provide cost savings and performance benefits for users long term.

Power and reliability of an electric motor can be improved when the rewind is performed by a trained and qualified service provider.

Before a motor can be repaired it must be fully inspected and assessed. Choosing the right service provider can make a big difference here. Certified motor repair specialists such as Gulf Electroquip can make a thorough inspection of it before the rewind takes place. This inspection includes recording any data from the nameplate and documenting what procedure will be used. Other inspections required before the motor is disassembled include:

  • Bearing cap and end bracket
  • Shaft rotation
  • Bearing type, size, and clearance
  • Checks for contamination
  • Signs of bearing wear
  • Signs of heat damage

Inspecting these before any repair is done will help ensure optimum motor operation and efficiency after the repair. An inspection can also determine if the motor winding is at the original factory setting or if it has been rewound at some time in the past. Careful measurements will be taken to ensure the winding will be replicated accurately.

Types of Motor Rewinds and Motor Efficiency

Motor efficiency can be improved during motor rewinds. Consider putting more copper into the stator slots or increasing the wire diameter can be considered. Form winding an existing random wound motor will provide greater strength and endurance.

There may be times when it’s better to replace the motor than do a motor rewind – as in the case of a damaged motor core.

The decision to rewind the motor or replace it can be determined during the inspection and appropriate action can be taken.

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