Gulf Electroquip manufactures new motors and is a preferred repair facility for many well-known global manufacturers. GEQ also remanufactures AC drilling motors to stand up to the daily working conditions in various industries such as; onshore oil and gas, offshore oil and gas, dredging, cement, petrochemicals, and mining.


400 HP Vertical AC Top Drive Motor

The Only Heavy Duty 400 HP Form Wound Motor Designed for Top Drives.

In severe conditions, random wound motor failures are caused by a combination of several destructive factors including high VFD voltage spikes, excessive top drive vibration, rain and contamination (weather conditions), random windings (weaker than form wound) and overheating.

That’s why we designed and built the first heavy duty form wound 400 horsepower top drive motor with a better designed and engineered optional cleaning motor blower.

Gulf Electroquip DRILLMAX motors satisfy a wide range of applications within the oilfield industry.  The GEQ DRILLMAX400™ Top Drive Motor was developed to meet required specifications of the IEC 60034.1 standards.

We listened to drillers and built a 400 HP top drive motor that works better and lasts longer.

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GEQ DrillMax AC Motors

1000-2000 HP AC Drilling Motors

Engineered and manufactured for performance, productivity and durability.

These AC drilling motors are designed and built to withstand continuous severe service in extreme environments.

Ideal for oil and gas rig mud pumps, drawworks, rotary tables and winches.

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