We overhaul the motor including modifications from original GE configuration to above spec, installation of new premium bearings, no load testing and painting prior to shipment.

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Motor Specifications

  • OEM: General Electric
  • Base Rating: 1150 HP | 600 VAC | 800 RPM
  • Standard Nameplate Rating: Max RPM: 3000/153 Hz
  • Application: horizontal or vertical
  • Anti-friction bearings with grease lubrication suitable for application above
  • DE Bearing: cylindrical roller bearing
  • ODE Bearing: insulated cylindrical roller or ball bearing
  • 6 pole stator winding Class H insulation including VPI mica-Kapton insulated coils
  • Copper alloy rotor winding
  • Enclosure Rating: IP44 / IP56
  • Frame: Traction with standard oilfield mounting dims
  • DE Shaft Extension: standard oilfield tapered
  • DE shaft Mounting: standard oilfield hub
  • ODE Shaft Extension: optional
  • Space Heaters: 240 VAC
  • Color: Oilfield Blue


5GEBA – GEB22 A1, GEB22 A2, GEB22 A3

  • Has original drilling motor dim’s and roller bearing configuration

5GEBD – GEB22 D1, GEB D2, GEB D3, GEB D4

  • Has oversized shaft for mud pump and other side/belt loads

5GEBE – GEB22 E1, etc.

  • Has roller bearings for draw works, rotary table and other direct coupled applications

5GEB20B – GEB22 B1, GEB 22 B2

  • Vertical/Top Drive
  • Custom configurations as drop in spares