Engineered and manufactured for performance, productivity and durability.

These AC drilling motors are designed and built to withstand continuous severe service in extreme environments. Ideal for oil and gas rig mud pumps, drawworks, rotary tables and winches.


  • Drawworks – increased torque for faster tripping speeds at top speed
  • Anti-cogging design for smooth creep speed operation
  • Junction box with universal access
  • Mounting dimensions:
    • 1750 – 2000 HP: Increased stability of additional 2 rear feet
  • Optional Whisperclean Motor Blower with double cleaning technology
  • VFD ready design
  • Intermittent to higher capacity
  • Max speed 3000 RPM (on DW config)
  • Insulated non-drive end bearing
  • Form wound Class H Kapton-Mica VPI windings
  • Rotor windings are copper bar alloy
  • Grease lubricated anti-friction bearings
  • Stator RTD’s – (6) 100 Ohm Plat.
  • Shaft material high tensile strength in 4140 or 4340 steel
  • ISO precision balance
  • Space heaters
  • Junction box
  • Custom designs supplied for your needs


  • Exhaust configuration options
  • IP 44 motor enclosure
  • IP 56 junction box enclosure
  • Encoder
  • Air pressure switch
  • Double shaft extension
  • Full HP Dyno Testing
  • Custom design changes to ANY part to fit your needs


  • Onshore Drilling Rigs

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