Hub Puller Kit: GE752 hub threaded shaft INCLUDES: A. PN266161 (1) High pressure manual pump; B. PN266170 (1) High pressure adapter fitting to couple tubing to pump; C. PN266163 (1) High pressure tubing with ferrule threads on each end; D. PN266164 (2) High pressure fittings with threaded ferrule to couple tubing to shaft nipple and/or pump; E. PN266165 (1) High pressure shaft nipple to couple tubing to shaft; F. PN266166 (1) Felt ring/washer to provide cushion during hub removal; G. PN266167 (1) Nut for end of motor shaft with fitting clearance. Utilized in hydraulic pressure float method of releasing hub from tapered shaft end. FOR INSTRUCTIONS, GO TO: