for GE752™, GE761 and EMD-D79 Traction Motors

With or without a Chain Guard

Spark Arrestor for high torque GE752, GE761 AND EMD-D79: Constructed of carbon steel. Color: safety yellow of unpainted. Set includes: Spark Arrestor Hood and two (2) 3” manifolds. The set includes mounting hardware. Manifolds accommodate either direction of chain guard (or no chain guard at all). Chain guard bolts right over spark arrestor; manifolds have appropriate chain guard lugs aligned with motor frame. May be installed before or after motor is operational (however, motor must be off-line while installing). Customer responsible for providing lugs to mount chain guard. Installation time: 1 man / 1 hour. Use basic mechanic tools.


  • Reversible exhaust hood
  • Reversible exhaust manifolds
  • Universal: Mounts into existing exhaust manifold bolt positions
  • Works in conjunction with chain guard
  • Machined fit on flanges/surfaces
  • Easy maintenance
  • Extra heavy duty mild steel or stainless steel construction
  • Balanced air flow – no performance loss
  • Color: Standard safety yellow or stainless steel
  • Combined weight: All parts – 185 LBS



Part Numbers

SA752for GE752 motor
SA761for GE761 motor
SAD79for EMD D79 motor

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