For GE752™, GE761 AND EMD-D79 High-Torque Traction Motors

Without Chain Guard

Spark Arrestor for high torque GE752, GE761 AND EMD-D79: Constructed of carbon steel. Color: primer. Set includes: Spark Arrestor Hood (P/N: 257561) and two (2) 3” manifolds (P/N: 257402). The set includes mounting hardware. NOTE: NO CHAIN GUARD MAY BE BOLTED OVER THIS SPARK ARRESTOR MODEL. May be installed before or after motor is operational (however, motor must be off-line while installing). Installation time: 1 man / 1 hour. Use basic mechanic tools.


  • Reversible exhaust hood
  • Reversible exhaust manifolds
  • Universal: Mounts into existing exhaust manifold bolt positions
  • Works in conjunction with chain guard
  • Machined fit on flanges/surfaces
  • Easy maintenance
  • Extra heavy duty mild steel or stainless steel construction
  • Balanced air flow – no performance loss
  • Color: Standard safety yellow or stainless steel
  • Combined weight: All parts – 185 LBS



Part Numbers

SA752for GE752 motor
SA761for GE761 motor
SAD79for EMD D79 motor

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