WHISPERCLEAN™ mechanically filters out sand, dirt, moisture and other abrasive contaminants for longer motor life. WHISPERCLEAN lowers the contamination inside the drilling motor, yields greater reliability, longer time between rebuilds, which reduces downtime for the rig. Using a patented “element-less” filtration method, WHISPERCLEAN cleans the air while pushing air through the blower. This requires less maintenance than standard filtration models, and no more maintenance than a standard non-filtered blower. The filtered contamination is expelled through two (2) cleaning cycle exit ports on the side of the blower.


  • GEQ WHISPERCLEAN™ motor blowers mechanically filter out sand, dirt, moisture and other abrasive contaminants for longer motor life.
  • First Stage Cleaning removes light particles.
  • Second Stage Cleaning removes heavy particles and moisture.
  • Both stages give you a combined filtering performance of 90%+ over unfiltered or non-cleaning blower products.


  • Increased motor life
  • Increased time between rebuilds
  • Decreased sound pressure level
  • Decreased moisture penetration
  • Decreased contamination attacking insulation and windings
  • Decreased commutator wear on DC motors
  • Less moisture in the motor produces:
  • Higher Megger readings
  • Decreased risk of flash over
  • 90% less contamination
  • Less fuse change-outs
  • Yields longer VFD/SCR lifetime
  • Longer life between rebuilds
  • Longer insulation life for motor


  • Size: 15 HP or 20 HP
  • Filtration Method: Patented whisperclean™
  • Filtration Efficiency: 90+% on sand
  • Construction: carbon steel, stainless steel available
  • Mounting: alternate Mount configurations available
  • Speed: 3600 RPM
  • Motor Enclosure: TENV/XP Cast Iron Construction
  • Service Factor: 1.15


  • 15 HP or 20 HP 60 HZ 3600 RPM motor in 230 V/460 V or 575 V
GEQ whisperclean Blower Drawing 042120


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